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Contact: Andrea Gillaspy Steinhilper, 360-442-2665

Mission: “Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning tools that reside in the public domain or that have been released with intellectual property licenses allowing their free use, continuous improvement, and modification by others.” At Lower Columbia College, OER will also include Alternative Textbook Resources (ATR). These are course materials that cost our students less than $30 to use and can include used textbooks, online materials, and other materials that are not strictly Open Educational Resources. [adapted from OER definition, U.S. Office of Educational Technology 3/11/2015]

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In order to increase student retention by reducing textbook costs, LCC will increase use of open resources for classroom texts. Librarians and seasoned OER faculty will help instructors incorporate open resources into additional courses, increasing their use of open resources every quarter. Lower Columbia College (LCC) has participated in the Librarians as Open Education Leaders grant, through which they’ve developed an Advocacy Plan. This helped them establish a funding source through their Foundation which will provide stipends for one to two faculty members per quarter to migrate their courses to open resources.

Through the LOEL grant, they currently have adopted open textbooks in Economics, Psychology and Sociology, saving their students at least $20,000 per quarter or $60,000 annually. In addition, they have developed an entire English 101 course pack as open, which should save their students $5,000 per quarter or $20,000 annually. Their Biology faculty have been using open resources for several years, and one has written an open textbook for Anatomy & Physiology which saves students at least $70,000 per year. LCC students save a total of over $145,000 per year.

A librarian and an English instructor are currently developing MLA and APA citation modules for Canvas Commons.

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Last updated: 02 10 2016