OER Policy Video Series Released

Screenshot: Video player showing Hal Plotkin speaking with supplemental information circled to the right in the margin

Everyone talks about OER Policy, but what does it mean? What do OER policies look like in practice? How do they impact OER initiatives? How does our government and our world perceive Open policy?

SBCTC invites you on a journey, one where you will explore different paths, each one reflecting on these questions through interviews with experts in various areas of OER. These interviews are woven into a series of multimedia presentations that allow viewers to not only listen to important conversations, but interact with additional resources on Open Education policy strategy, implementation, and vision.

We suggest you sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation. As you watch, don’t forget to check out the supporting materials presented with the interview clips. Relevant data, articles, infographs, and websites will appear as our interviewees speak.


Last updated: 02 10 2016