About Policy Video

About this Project

Everyone talks about OER Policy, but what does it mean? What do OER policies look like in practice? How do they impact OER initiatives? How do our government and our world perceive Open policy? Is policy always necessary in OER implementation?

SBCTC invites you on a journey, one where you will explore different paths, each one reflecting on these questions through interviews with experts in various areas of OER. A set of inquiries guide each video segment but consider these as guidelines for good storytelling.

After watching, we recommend participating in some of the activities suggested. They are designed to help you connect the discussion in the video to your current practice.

Finally, we hope that the video segments and supporting materials will guide you to:

  • Recognize existing OER policies and their implementation strategies.
  • Distinguish different types of OER policies.
  • Assess the need for OER policy at your institution.
  • Formulate an OER policy framework with necessary elements including purpose, definition, procedures, and templates.
  • Identify the essential elements for the successful implementation of OER policy.
  • Apply for/participate in large-scale federal projects with open licensing requirements.
  • Organize and review practical techniques for creating support and collaboration among funders and campus stakeholders for a major OER project.
  • Identify and evaluate steps and strategies open initiatives to create a campus policy and practice framework hospitable to future work.
  • Develop a flowchart that depicts the step-by-step process of OER adoption guided by a policy framework.
Last updated: 09 09 2020