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  • Open Education Consortium is NOT a content provider. Instead, they search available open educational materials and provide the links.
  • It is probably the most comprehensive and accurate OER search engine out there. They are currently tracking 25,083 courses from 79 content providers.
  • You can search by provider, language, and discipline.

License Setting

Since this is a search engine, there is no default license to apply. Please double check the license information of each OER that this search engine brings to you.

Sample Attribution

Assuming that the resource is CC licensed, the basic attribution format is Resource X by Author Y is released under CC XX-XX-XX.   If the licensor wishes to be cited in a specific way, you must do so accordingly. To learn more about how to make proper attribution, please visit OER 101: Module 5 titled, “Finding OER”.



Last updated: 02 11 2016