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  • Saylor Academy provides perfectly unified 317 courses with proven quality.
  • Saylor displays and organizes the courses based on the scope and level.
  • They also adopted about 100 open textbooks and provide them via their Bookshelf. They are well organized and easy to download.
  • Students can enroll in courses and track their progress through their ePortfolio option.
  • Easy navigation, consistent structure, and user-friendly environment.
  • Provide resources for both University and K-12 level.

Saylor website screengrab with courses listed by scope and level

License Setting

  • All course content in Saylor Academy are licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • All open textbooks are licensed under CC BY NC SA 3.0

Sample Attribution

3.1 Parts of Speech from English Language Arts 6 by Amy Kasten is licensed under CC BY 3.0.



Last updated: 08 08 2017