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  • YouTube provides millions of Creative Commons-licensed videos (among their billions of video collections). The key is filtering them to isolate the Creative Commons-licensed ones.
  • The filter sometimes renders incorrect results. That said,┬áremember to double check the license setting of the video. Please also check to see if the video contains any illegal content, such as an unauthorized copy of a TV show.
  • If the video is CC licensed, you will see the “Remix this” video button. It takes you to the YouTube video editor that allows you to remix the content of the video and publish it.

License Setting

Most YouTube videos are released either under CC BY 3.0 or the Standard YouTube License. To learn how to check the license information of a YouTube Video, please see the directions below.

How to find a CC licensed video in YouTube:

First, go to and type in your search word. Once the videos appear, you can use the filter to identify the CC licensed ones.

Screenshot: YouTube search feature, filters and Creative Commons circled

Click on one of the videos that appeared after applying the filter. After locating a video, click SHOW MORE link in the description.

Screenshot: YouTube video, SHOW MORE under video circled

You will see the license notice with a link to the video editor.

Screenshot: YouTube licensing information circled

Sample Attribution

Example attribution of a CC licensed video in YouTube: Geophysics Hackathon 2013 by agilegeoscience is licensed under CC BY



Last updated: 02 25 2016