Government Role – Open Policy Video

Impact of Open Policy: Government role and funding


  • Daniel DeMarte. Former Vice President for Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer at Tidewater Community College.
  • Richard Sebastian, Former Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies at Virginia’s Community Colleges
  • Hal Plotkin. Senior Open Policy Fellow, Creative Commons. ¬†Former Senior Policy Advisor to Under Secretary of Education in the US Department of Education.
  • Nicole Allen. Director of Open Education at SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition.
  • Mary Burgess. Executive Director at BCcampus.
  • Paul Stacey. Associate Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons.


Interviewees gather to discuss the role of government in changing Open policy and what opportunities and challenges emerge from this change. They first discuss the current status of the Open policy arena and how it represents an evolution of change. Some describe a path for the future of Open. The interviewees go on to discuss the role of government and forces beyond higher education that help shape the Open ecosystem. They conclude the conversation by sharing ideas on how these policy activities will affect OER initiatives over the next several years.

Suggested activities:

Reflect on the desired outcomes of this video series that were introduced under About this Project page.

  • Recognize existing OER policies and their implementation strategies.
  • Distinguish different types of OER policies.
  • Assess the need for OER policy in your institution comparing the benefits and challenges.
  • Formulate a policy/strategic framework for OER with necessary elements including purpose, definition, procedures, and templates.
  • Identify the essential components for the successful implementation of the OER policy formulated.
  • Apply for/Participate in large-scale federal projects with open licensing requirements.
  • Organize and review the practical techniques for creating support and collaboration among funders and campus stakeholders for a major OER project.
  • Identify and evaluate the steps and strategies to use open initiatives to create a campus policy and practice framework hospitable to future work.
  • Develop a flowchart that depicts the step-by-step process of OER adoption as guided by a policy framework.
Last updated: 09 09 2020