Unique Traits

  • Open Assessments! Learningpod is an online library of practice and assessment questions.
  • They offer some of the best questions from publishers like Kaplan and open education partners like Open Course Library and OpenStax College, and then give teachers the ability to mix and match to create their own sets (they call them “pods”).
  • Using their tools teachers can easily print, share via email or social links, or even embed quizzes or assignments on a webpage.
  • Learningpod library has already grown to over 47,000 questions, including Common Core aligned items, and is available at no cost to educators or students.

License Setting

  • In Learningpod, some assessments are CC licensed and others are not. Regardless of the CC license setting, you can basically embed any assessments you see on this website in your own website (think YouTube videos), and print the questions for your classroom.
  • Learningpod does not allow you to remix the questions outside Learningpod, unless the question is released under a Creative Commons license.
Last updated: 05 31 2015