OER Commons


Unique Traits

  • OER Commons has forged alliances with over 500 major content partners. Users can search across over 42,000 vetted and fully-indexed OER ensuring a high level of resource relevancy and discovery.
  • It provides an online authoring tool that allows you to compose, edit, and publish your work under an open license.
  • You can create a “My OER” account page where you can organize the items you’ve submitted, evaluated, or authored.

License Setting

  • Since this is a search engine, there is no default license to apply. Please double check the license information of each OER that this search engine brings to you.

Sample Attribution

  • Assuming that the resource is CC licensed, the basic attribution format is Resource X by Author Y is released under CC XX-XX-XX.   If the licensor wishes to be cited in a specific way, you must do so accordingly. To learn more about how to make a proper attribution, please visit OER 101: Module 5 titled, “Finding OER”.
Last updated: 05 31 2015